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      We are proud to be the first portable shelter manufacturer to offer two innovative and environmentally-friendly non-PVC roofing materials.Both fit tightly over the framework while overhanging the walls. The roof and walls are laced taut and the seam between them is covered with a flap and sealed with continuous Velcro.

     Our standard roof covering is our premium silicone-coated Legacy material. This fabric starts with an extremely strong plied polyester material. To this we add a newly-developed environmentally-sensitive, flame–resistant compound. We then bond a heavy layer of silicone rubber to the exterior and our ceramic-acrylic coating on the interior. This non-toxic and low-VOC water-based sealant provides another barrier that also reflects radiant heat. This results in an extremely strong and long-lasting material that keeps the weather out. The Legacy roof is available in three colors: Forest Green, Terra-Cotta, and Buckskin Tan.

      For do-it-yourselfers, we offer a Yome kit featuring our Voyager roof covering. This fabric starts with a strong cotton-polyester base. Our Sunforger mineral-based treatment renders it water and mildew-resistant. Finally, we provide a “ceramic-acrylic” sealant that is painted onto the roof material by the Yome kit customer.


       Our standard wall covering is a heavy-duty, Sunforger treated, tightly woven cotton canvas. Sunforger is a premium mineral-based finish that allows the canvas to breathe while rendering it fire, water, and mildew-resistant. Best of all, it is translucent, allowing light to filter through.

      We offer two premium sidewall materials that are also translucent. First is our new 100% hemp Frontier sidewall. This breathable fabric offer all the advantages of hemp material plus we have treated it to be fire, water, and mildew-resistant.

       We also offer the option of our SunGlow sidewall. This is a completely synthetic, acrylic-coated fabric suitable for wetter environments. Being synthetic, it doesn’t breathe, but, it is water, mildew, and flame-resistant and easy to clean. See our Yome Fabrics page.


      The Yome is supported by a series of southern yellow pine poles. These are joined together with heavy-duty eyebolts to form a strong triangular framework. Metal poles and aircraft cable hold the canvas taut and increase its load handling capacity.

      In the HexaYome, the roof rafters meet at the apex. In the SeptaYome and OctaYome, the roof rafters connect to a 24" circular ring made of solid yellow pine. This ring houses a 13" venting skylight. To increase the load bearing capacity in these models, each rafter/ring joint is reinforced with steel brackets and U-bolts.

      Yellow pine is a very dense wood with a beautiful grain. Each pole’s edges are rounded off, sanded smooth and finished with high quality, raw linseed oil and bees wax. The Yome’s steel hardware is plated with corrosion-resistant yellow-dichromate finish. All exterior hardware is nickel-plated or stainless steel.


       The choice of window placement is yours. Our full panel triangular windows are 50" on each side. Sewn into the window opening is a densely woven fiberglass screen. A removable clear vinyl covering, set in velcro, fits over the screen. Finally, a fabric window cover zips open or closed and is held open with quick release buckles.

      As PVC-free option to our clear vinyl window we also offer polycarbonite windows. This stiffer material has superior optical clarity and a longer life span. However, it cannot be rolled up like vinyl. For this reason, a storage bag is provided.


      The standard Yome entrance is a zippered opening. In the SeptaYome and OctaYome, a system is available to accommodate a standard 32” pre-hung door which the Yome owner can get locally. This system includes a frame to fit the pre-hung door that will accommodate an aluminum extrusion provided to allow the sidewalls to seal to the frame.


      All Yome models can be outfitted with a large awning opening. Two zippers are set into the side wall, creating a 6x7 ft. canvas flap that can either be rolled up or held open with poles to form an awning. A zippered screen can also be added. This opening significantly increases ventilation throughout the Yome.


      To allow excess heat to escape, all Yome models come with a vent. The HexaYome has a screened ventilation opening at the top of the roof. A copper cover keeps out precipitation. The SeptaYome and OctaYome feature a 13" frosted acrylic skylight that also serves as an adjustable vent. Attractive copper flashing and a built-in screen keep water and insects out. The skylight is opened and closed with a removable telescoping aluminum pole.

      Insulation can make your Yome warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer. We offer several insulation options, from complete insulation packages to materials and plans needed for the do-it-yourselfer.

      To insulate the ceiling, we offer a reflective-type, radiant barrier insulation covered with our natural looking Sunforger canvas. To insulate the walls while keeping them translucent, we’ve sandwiched a P.E.T. fiberfill insulation between a tightly woven fire resistant fabric. See our insulation page for details.


      Stovepipe vents allow a vented heater or woodstove to be installed. The side wall is fit with a patch of non-combustible silicone-coated fiberglass material. A hole is cut to the diameter of your stovepipe and sealed to the pipe with a stainless steel hose clamp provided. A canvas cover is provided to seal this opening when not in use.


      Insulating strips are a great addition to any Yome, with or without other insulation. They help to seal and insulate where the roof meets the outer side wall. They also help keep insects from entering. The strips are made of a stiff reflective insulation covered in a fire, water and mildew resistant fabric.

      Our Fabric flashing provides a way to further seal the perimeter between the base of the Yome and the deck. This 10” wide strip of material is foam filled on one side to fill any cracks between the Yome’s sidewalls and base plate. If the Yome is set up on a platform that shares the same footprint; the other side of the flashing strip can wrap around the outside edge of the platform and stapled in place to protect and shed moisture.


      For situations with the possibility of snow load, we offer a roof-reinforcement package. Each roof support is reinforced with an aluminum channel. Additional brackets and U-bolts help transfer the load and keep the connecting hardware stable. An aircraft cable around the perimeter of the top plate adds strength to the entire structure.


      Most portable shelters require a platform to anchor the structure. Yomes stand on their own. They function best, however, when elevated off the ground. While other manufacturers force the customer to build a specific deck for their attachment system, the Yome can simply be mounted on almost any platform.

      To prevent water from entering, the floor inside the Yome can be built up a bit higher than the surrounding platform. Another option is to build a deck to the exact size of the Yome and have the wall covering overlap it. Contact us for more deck-building plans and ideas.


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