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The History of Tensile Architecture

There are two forces that act on structures; compression and tension. Most buildings today are predominantly compression structures. Blocks or bricks are piled on top of one another to form walls, or else wood or metal are used to create frames for rigid materials to hang from and sit on top of. There is another […]

The New UltraYome “Corkscrew Launch” Method

This video animation is a preview of the launch technique for the new UltraYome that we are in the process of developing. We call it the “Corkscrew Launch” method. By incorporating the mechanical advantage of a series of four roped pulley-ratchet assemblies, it is possible for a single person to launch the Yome. The pulley […]

Living in a Yome

Hey, folks, this is Jeremy. I’m a Red Sky Shelters employee chiefly responsible for the woodwork and metalwork that makes up the frame of the Yome, and I’ve been living in a Septayome for nearly five years. I’ll be sharing experiences and tips that relate to Yome living here from time to time. One thing […]

Architectural Membrane Materials

The types of materials flexible and strong enough for architectural tensile membrane purposes are woven fabrics and foils. Woven fabrics consist of two set of yarns (warp and weft) woven together in a loom. Foils, on the other hand, are made of thinly rolled or extruded homogeneous material. The most common woven fabrics suitable for […]

How Insulation Works

In order to understand this principle we must first take a look at heat transfer in general. Heat and Temperature       Heat is a measurement of the motion of the molecules that make up a substance, and represents the energy contained in the substance. In hot substances, the molecules are moving relatively quickly. We call something […]

Advantages of our Frontier 100% Hemp Sidewall Material

Much has been written about the sustainability and advantages of hemp as a crop and its many uses. Hemp fabric has a lot of advantages over other vegetable and synthetic fabrics. Here are a few: -Hemp is the strongest vegetable fiber on the planet with up to three times the tensile strength of cotton. Hemp […]

What is PVC, and what’s wrong with it?

Red Sky Shelters is committed to offering materials that yield the best performance, durability and safety with the least environmental impact. Close to a decade ago we phased out the use of PVC-coated fabrics for our Yome coverings. This decision left us with very few options and we have had to pioneer and develop our […]