Charity’s Cozy Mornings

When I first into a Yome I thought it was a very temporary thing for me, but, as I look back over the past four years, I realize I’ve spent almost three of those years living in Yomes!

Over those years, I can remember many peaceful mornings. The first thing I heard before my eyes opened were the many bird songs, the little wren who lived in my door frame, the pheobe, the junco, the cardinal. Then there was the  creek running down the hill beside the Yome, trickling in the summer, and roaring and rushing after a big, spring rain. One thing about a Yome is they will keep you warm and cozy, however, they really expose you to the surrounding sounds. You feel like you are a part of the surrounding environment.

When my eyes would open the first thing I would see was this glorious wide open cathedral of diffuse sunlight! The ceiling in my Yome would fill me with a feeling of expansive thought, room to breathe, and sunshiny coziness. When I lived in the Yome mornings were my favorite part of the day. Now I am living in a conventional house…and every morning I miss that feeling of waking up so near to outside, yet still cozy and snug in my bed.

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