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Part Yurt, Part Dome the Yome by Red Sky Shelters is the Affordable Portable Living Shelter

      One step inside a Yome and you’ll feel like you’re in another world. Tall cathedral ceilings give the Yome an open and spacious feeling, while translucent walls bathe you in a magical diffused light. Circular, spiritual, portable living shelter: this is it.

      From ancient principles to modern technology, our ultra stable triangular support framework combines the best of both yurts and domes. Like a yurt, the sides are nearly vertical, maximizing the usable space within. Inside, the tallest people can stand comfortably, even near the walls. The roof and walls are made of different materials; one of heavy-duty coated fabric to shed rain, the other specially-treated to be breathable, allowing excess moisture to escape. And both are fire, water and mildew-resistant.

      The dome part of a Yome is based on the same principles pioneered by Buckminster Fuller in his famous Geodesic Dome. No fence-like latticework covers the walls and windows, as in a yurt. And the whole thing is portable, fitting easily into most vehicles and can be set up or taken down by two or three people in a matter of hours.

      Yomes come in three sizes, the six-sided HexaYome (150 sq.ft.), the seven-sided SeptaYome (200 Sq.ft.) and the eight-sided OctaYome (265 sq.ft.). The large full-panel triangular windows are complete with screen, clear and fabric coverings. Optional stovepipe vents allow for a woodstove or vented heater to be installed.

      Every Yome is custom-built to your specifications: all windows, doors, and vents are placed where you want them. With our insulation package and a woodstove or heater you’ll stay toasty warm-even in the middle of Winter. All this for a fraction of the cost of other structures.

      Give us a call or e-mail. We’ll be happy to tell you more and discuss your needs. In a matter of weeks, your dream can become a reality. Why pay rent when you can own your own Yome Home?


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