Red Sky Shelters offers Yomes – tiny tent homes that incorporate the best elements of geometric domes and traditional yurts.  Yomes are lighter & less expensive than yurts, with stronger walls. And we think they are much prettier! Yomes have more usable space and headroom than domes.

At this time our product line includes…

Yomes are available as a full package and are custom built to your specifications. They are also available as kits. Kits don’t include lumber, which you can easily source locally if you don’t mind doing some basic wood-working. This really cuts down the shipping cost.

We have a full pricing page that shows all the options like windows & insulation. Here’s a quick overview on the base pricing…

Mother and daughter enjoying the day in brightly lit glowing Yome portable tent home


  • 6-sided
    (150 sq. ft.)
    about 14′ 8″ wide
  • $2550

  • Kit Price: $2290


  • 7-sided
    (200 sq. ft)
    about 16′ wide
  • $3475

  • Kit Price: $3090


  • 8-sided
    (265 sq. ft)
    about 19′ 2″ wide
  • $3995

  • Kit Price: $3490


  • 8-sided
    (265 sq. ft)
    about 19′ 2″ wide
  • $6460
    Includes Roof Insulation

  • Kit Not Available

Now that you know the basics about Yomes, have fun exploring the website. Since Yomes are unique to Red Sky Shelters, you might have some questions. We’ve got answers! Check out our FAQs to cover the basics, read up about Classic Yome Features or the UltraYome, and then price your build.

And don’t forget to visit the gallery to get inspired by seeing some Yomes in the wild.