Save Money & Freight with a Yome Kit!

For the do-it-yourselfers, Red Sky Shelters offers a low-cost Yome Home Kit. Yome Home Kits do not include support poles. With simple carpentry skills, a table saw, and drill, you can make your own support poles. This brings down the cost of shipping.

We provide everything else, including the center ring vent system, hardware, and complete instructions. Lumber from your local building materials dealer can be sawed into the support poles. Then all that is required is to drill holes in the pole ends to accommodate the hardware which we provide.

Yome Home Kit Price List




$2585 $3520 $3960

Basic Yome Home Kit includes:

Premium Legacy Silicone Roof Covering – Water, Fire, and Mildew Resistant

Sunforger Side Wall Covering – Water, Fire and Mildew Resistant

One Triangular Window with Screen, Transparent Vinyl, and Covering

One Zippered Door Entrance

Fabric Care Kit

All Hardware, Complete Instructions, and Assembly DVD

If you’re interested in purchasing a Red Sky Shelters Yome package or product, please contact us so that we can properly assess your needs and fulfill your order as soon as possible.