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Red Sky Shelters

Red Sky Shelters is a small cottage business located in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. The driving force behind Red Sky is Peter Belt. Peter started Red Sky in 1995 after moving to Asheville from Colorado, bringing with him a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing canvas living structures. He rented a Asheville storefront and started out primarily making tipis. Soon he experimented with lattice wall type yurts.

Yome: A Yurt Alternative

The idea for the Yome came from a structure Peter had seen in Colorado. Based on the icosohedran (a twenty sided geometrical figure made entirely of triangles). Peter built himself a vending booth to use at a local festival using this same principle. That year, a sudden violent windstorm swept through the festival grounds, bending and toppling several of the booths. When Peter’s booth stood fast, he realized the incredible strength and simplicity of a triangular framework.

It was then that Peter decided to replace the somewhat flimsy framework of the lattice wall yurt with this more elegant triangular structure. By combining the best features of a yurt with a dome, the first Yome was created. Since that time Peter has been perpetually and passionately refining the Yome concept.

Red Sky Shelters has recently moved from the original storefront into an old textile mill that has been converted to provide space for several small entrepreneurs. Employing a handful of dedicated craftspeople, Red Sky is continues its original mission: to provide functional and portable living shelters at a price the people can afford.

According to Peter, “The important thing is that we at Red Sky enjoy what were doing, and that is reflected in the quality and magic of every Yome“.


Part yurt, part dome the Yome by Red Sky Shelters is the affordable portable living shelter.


Every Yome is custom-built to your specifications: all windows, doors, and vents are placed where you want them.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Red Sky Shelters Yome package or product, please contact us so that we can properly assess your needs and fulfill your order as soon as possible.