The Pinnacle Event Tent

A large white shade tent on grassy lawn

This open side, radial, tensile structure offers 24 foot diameter of rain protection and shade for you special event.

The Pinnacle Event Tent provides a perfect shelter for special events.  Having an outdoor wedding reception? Want to protect your food from the elements on your special day? Our Pinnacle Event Tent is the ideal size, and provides an elegant structure to punctuate the beauty of your wedding.

The Pinnacle Event Tent also provides an excellent venue for small groups.  It has been featured as the Healing Arts venue at the Lake Eden Arts Festival for the past eight years, and has provided an intimate setting for discussion of mind-body healing as well as a space for outdoor AA meetings.

The shelter can be set up as an open event tent or the adjustable pole can be set lower to provide a more enclosed and intimate space.

Once the provided ground template is placed and six provided stakes are set in the ground: 3-4 people can erect the structure in a matter of minutes. Get the written set up instructions here.

Instant Vortex and Shelter Includes:

-Water and Mildew Resistant Sunforger-treated Canvas Membrane.

-Adjustable Center Pole can be separated into Sections for Easy Transportation.

-Aluminum Rain Cap

-Six Anchoring Ground Stakes

-Six Ratchet Assemblies

-Canvas Carrying Bag


-Height 2o feet

-Average Covered Circular Area – 24 feet

-Point to Point Distance of tent – 34 feet

-Stake to Stake Distance – 50 feet (stakes can usually be set into bushes, brush and around obstacles).

As part of our launch of the Pinnacle Event Tent, we are offering a low introductory price. Make your event truly special for just:

$1850 + Shipping

Call Us at 828-258-8417 for a shipping quote, and to order your Pinnacle.