Repair and Maintenance

Occasionally, your Yomes will need some repair and maintenance.  Below you will find some products that we recommend for the most common maintenance and repair tasks.


The Sidewall Fabric on the Yome will occasionally need to be cleaned due to accidental stains, or possibly due to mildew if your Yome is set up in a humid environment. This is our recommended product for cleaning the Sidewall Fabric.  Simply follow the instructions on the container, and your Yome will be revitalized.

Vent Covers:


The Roof Vent on your Yome is the most exposed element, and it will take a beating from the elements. Whether is damage from the sun over a long period of time, or that time someone forgot to close the vent before a summer thunderstorm, we understand that these things happen. Here are a couple of recommendations for replacement vent covers. The Polycarbonate Version has slightly better UV resistant properties.

Fabric Repairs:

Mend Tears:

Sail Repair Kit:

If the unforeseen should happen, and you need to repair the Sidewall Fabric of your Yome, here are a couple of suggested items that can make this process smoother. As a bonus, they don’t involve a needle and thread.

For the SunForger Sidewalls (Standard) we recommend “Tear Mender,” which allows you to glue a fabric patch on to the Sidewall.

The SunGlow Sidewalls (Upgraded) have a synthetic coating that requires a different glue the “Sail Repair Tape” has an appropriate adhesive for the synthetic coating.