Price List Per Unit

Side Wall, Top, or Base Plate Support Pole$18
Overhang Pole$7.50
Replacement Eyebolt$1.50
Telescoping Vent Control Pole$22
 HexaYome Vent Cover$50
SeptaYome and OctaYome Tension Ring$160
SeptaYome and OctaYome Skylight Vent w/ Flashing$105
Roof Stretching Tube$7.50
Instructions and Video$15
Fabric Care Kit$15
Stayput Fastener$3
Polycarbonite Clear Window Cover$55
Clear Vinyl Window Cover$35


Unit Price Per Yome Size




Roof Cover Legacy Silicone-Coated Fabric$1170$1340$1600
Sidewalls w/o Windows$610$755$945
SunGlow Sidewalls w/o Windows$920$1120$1365
Roof Pole$27.50$38$44
Snow-load Roof Pole$45$55$65
Roof Pole Set$160$265$350
Side, Top, or Base Pole Set$325$375$430
Hardware Set$60$100$110
Complete Eyebolt Set$90$105$120

If you’re interested in purchasing a Red Sky Shelters Yome package or product, please contact us so that we can properly assess your needs and fulfill your order as soon as possible.