Yome Insulation Options

Insulation makes your Yome warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer. We offer several options, from complete insulation packages to plans and materials for the do-it-yourselfer. Browse through our insulation products and pricing below.

Roof Insulation Package

Our roof insulation package features our exclusive radiant barrier insulation known as Microfoil. MicroFoil consists of recycled polypropylene foam sandwiched between two layers of aluminized foil. In the Winter, the radiant heat from a heat source trying to pass through the insulative layer is reflected back into the Yome. In a similar manner, solar heat is reflected back out in the Summer.

The Microfoil material is cut into a series of panels designed to fit below the roof rafters. These panels are covered with fire, water and mildew resistant Sunforger canvas. This elegant single-piece covering is attached to the wall with continuous Velcro creating an insulative air space. The elegant covering billows to conceal the roof’s cable hardware system, resulting in a neat and attractive white ceiling.

Roof Insulation Kit

For the do-it-yourselfer we offer a roof insulation kit, with the same insulating value, at a substantial savings. Instead of a single piece covering, a series of triangular panels made out of Sunforger fire-resistant material complete with velcro for attaching them to the sidewalls. The difference is that the customer must simply staple the fabric panels to the roof support rafters with a staple gun and trim the excess material.

A roll of MicroFoil insulation is provided with the half-panel pattern pre-marked. These panels are easily cut out with a pair of scissors and attached into fitted pairs. The MicroFoil panels can then be installed behind the fabric insulation cover after it’s stapled in.

Side Wall Insulation Package

One of the best features of a Yome is the filtered light that passes through the wall to bathe the interior. Other manufacturers offer reflective foil insulation for the walls. But to cover the walls with an opaque material would make the Yome dark, particularly in Winter when light is most welcome. Instead, we offer panels of a recycled P.E.T. dacron fiberfill insulation encased in lightweight, acrylic-coated polyester Odyssey fabric. These translucent triangular panels tuck behind the side wall poles thus sealing on all sides to stop airflow. Insulating in the same manner as a sleeping bag, they naturally puff out from the side wall creating several inches of insulative air space.

The insulation package includes special panels that allow access to the windows and a door. For those triangular panels with a stovepipe vent passing through them, we offer a special flame resistant panel made of silicone-coated fiberglass. This will reflect heat from your stove or heater back into the Yome. The side wall insulation panels when not in use can be stored in an included pair of zippered storage sacks, which when filled can be used as a large cushion.

Insulating Strips

Insulating strips are a great addition to any Yome, with or without other insulation. Tucked between the roof’s velcro flap and the sidewall, they further seal and insulate this seam. They also discourage insects from entering. Insulating strips are made of a stiff  insulation covered in Odyssey fire, water and mildew resistant fabric.





Roof Insulation Package N/A $770 $865
Side Wall Insulation Package $990 $1150 $1315
Insulating Strips $70 $85 $95
Roof Insulation Kit $335 $410 $525

*Prices subject to change and do not include applicable sales tax.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Red Sky Shelters Yome package or product, please contact us so that we can properly assess your needs and fulfill your order as soon as possible.