How to Start a Yome-Based Business

Yomes are wonderful structures for personal use, but they can also be used to increase your and your families cash flow.  Air BnB has made it trivial to post your available living spaces to the internet and begin accepting lodgers.  You can do this with a spare bedroom at your house, or you can provide a private setting with some character for you guests with one of our Yomes.

What you’ll need: A piece of property, a deck, and a Yome.  If you don’t have property of your own, setting up a Yome has minimal impact on the land where it is set up, and you could possibly find a land owner who would be willing to let you set one up.  A bonus feature of the Yome is that it is typically considered a temporary structure and doesn’t usually require a building permit to set up.  Check with your local building codes to be sure this is the case for your area.  We provide deck plans that can be easily disassembled for convenient storage and mobility.

The typical working life of a Yome is about ten years.  Depending on what specific model you use, and the demand in your area you could have your initial cost repaid in as little as 3-4 months, which would allow for a pretty sizable profit over the course of your Yome’s lifetime.

Check out these Air BnB listings for some examples:
Erin, Ontario
Swannanoa, NC
Marshall, NC

When listing with Air BnB, please remember to look into the local occupancy taxes in your area to prevent surprise tax burdens.
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