Platform Insulation

Hey, folks. This is Jeremy with a continuing conversation about Yome insulation options. You can find my comments on the roof insulation that we offer in a previous blog. Bottom line, insulating the roof is the most effective step in improving heating efficiency in a Yome.

Depending on what a Yome is sitting on, how high off the ground the deck is, etc., the next most effective area to insulate is the floor or platform. There are a lot of options for floor insulation. Personally, I had access to a lot of fiber-fill scraps that we use for our side wall insulation, so I improvised a simple way of sealing off the space between the joists of my deck and just stuffing it with fiber-fill. I am not getting a great R-value, I’m sure, but nonetheless it has made a big difference. A cold floor can cause a sort of thermal layering effect; the Yome will be warm but the foot or two closest to the floor can be chilly. This makes for cold feet, especially sitting around reading, etc. and many would say this can drain the “Chi”. A little circulation fan can help a lot with this effect.

If the space below the deck is sealed off into a sort of root cellar, storage space and warmer floors can be the result, but so can greater moisture. This could be mitigated with a vapor seal. However, the most common way of insulating the floor is the conventional way of filling in between the joists and sealing that in with plywood, etc. There are a lot of options, but the environmental impact of each varies quite a bit. Rigid foam panels are one option, probably the worst, environmentally, but sometimes it can be salvaged from construction sites or deconstruction sites. Fiberglass is a fairly cheap and very effective option. There is also a product made of wool that is used exactly like fiberglass rolls, but it is more costly. With these fiber type insulation options, it is important to create a way to keep rodents out. Hardware-cloth type metal mesh on the underside is a good way to accomplish this

I hope this is helpful! My next entry will be about our Side Wall Insulation and my experience with it. Spoiler: I like it a lot. It’s the finishing touch.

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