Sidewall Insulation

Hey, folks,

This is my third installment regarding my experiences with insulating my Yome over the last five years. I like adjusting my environment. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to live in a Yome. I can change the way my Home interacts with the larger world in a matter of minutes.

I am thinking of this last Fall and Winter, when I added side-wall insulation to the Yome I have been living in for years. First, it softened and muted the harsher noises from outside. I can see a major highway from my house in the Winter. Thankfully, the insulation (padded, triangular pillows that fill in the space between my Yome poles) is enough to give me more privacy and quiet, though sunlight still filters through. Second, there is a noticeable difference in heating efficiency, especially in moderate to high winds. I feel more snug, and feel my home is more of a sanctuary since I added insulation to my walls. Window panels allow me to insulate or illuminate as I please.

We recommend our roof insulation as our most effective option to increase heating efficiency in a Yome. Floor insulation is the next consideration. Aesthetically, I have found the pillowed panels that make up the side wall insulation to be the most appealing.



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