The New UltraYome “Corkscrew Launch” Method

This video animation is a preview of the launch technique for the new UltraYome that we are in the process of developing. We call it the “Corkscrew Launch” method. By incorporating the mechanical advantage of a series of four roped pulley-ratchet assemblies, it is possible for a single person to launch the Yome. The pulley assemblies are each pulled a bit, one at a time, causing the frame to twist up into place like a corkscrew.

Living in a Yome

Hey, folks, this is Jeremy. I’m a Red Sky Shelters employee chiefly responsible for the woodwork and metalwork that makes up the frame of the Yome, and I’ve been living in a Septayome for nearly five years. I’ll be sharing experiences and tips that relate to Yome living here from time to time.

One thing about living in a Yome, as you can imagine, is feeling closer and more in touch with the cycles of nature. The daylight comes through the glowing walls and keeps me more aware of the sunrise and sunset. I have a lot of windows, five, which allow me a full view of the surroundings around my home. I open and close them for all kinds of different reasons and moods, but what I really love is being inside, snug and dry, with all the windows open with their panes attached. The extra daylight in the Winter is a godsend to me, and helps keep me happy. A hot mug of tea and a comfortable chair, surrounded by the sight of new snow or the green of Spring make me feel very blessed indeed.