Yome Sweet Yome

Asheville area magazine Capital at Play just did an in-depth article about Red Sky Shelters including a deep dive into the origins and development of our unique contribution to portable architecture – the Yome.  Whether you’re considering a Yome for your home, hobby or business; are interested in a “real Asheville” story; or just enjoy a long-form read about a colorful journey of American innovation…. we think you’ll love this well written article.

Cover of article Yome Sweet Yome from Capital at Play magazine

Here are some fun quotes from the article

“The main advantage of the yome, as compared to a yurt, is you can have something structurally sound constructed with a minimum amount of material, thereby crating something as affordable as possible,” Belt explains. “Besides that, the biggest difference is that a yurt has a lattice wall system and the yome does not. People prefer the yome because they like the structural simplicity, something not as busy, and their view isn’t blocked by the lattice work.”

… and …

Belt explains that about half his business is local and the other half goes primarily to the West Coast. “I can’t define a ‘type’ of client because they all vary. I’ve sold to people who are in the process of building a home, and they need interim housing, others just want a place in the backyard for their teenagers; and it is commonly used as intern housing on farms.”

And with the 2020 pandemic, lots of folks are choosing nature adventures over urban & foreign travel. Yomes provide a quick way to grow your capacity for campgrounds, retreat centers, and family compounds.

We hope you enjoy the article!