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Legacy Roof Material

One of Red Sky Shelters unique offerings is our silicone-coated Legacy roof material. It all started well over a decade ago when we discovered the high environmental impact that PVC-coated materials carried (see our roof fabric page). However, almost all of the suitable outdoor materials were PVC-coated. When we researched silicone rubber we found that […]


The number of windows and the way you arrange them in your custom Yome is up to you. There are many options for how to use your windows after you erect your Yome as well, and you can change the way your Yome functions and feels in seconds. Here are some considerations and techniques. Your […]

How to Start a Yome-Based Business

Yomes are wonderful structures for personal use, but they can also be used to increase your and your families cash flow.  Air BnB has made it trivial to post your available living spaces to the internet and begin accepting lodgers.  You can do this with a spare bedroom at your house, or you can provide […]

Insulation Season

It’s insulation season! The summer is winding to an end and folks who live in close relationship to the shifting of the seasons can sense that it’s time to start figuring out what keeping warm for the winter is going to look like. We tend to get a lot of orders for insulation (both roof […]

Cutting Table Conversations

The cutting table here at Red Sky Shelters is quite the fixture. It’s about 6ft wide and 20ft long. Because most of the pieces required to make a Yome are fairly large, and because the table is so wide, it’s generally most practical to cut things out as a team, one person on one side […]

Sidewall Insulation

Hey, folks, This is my third installment regarding my experiences with insulating my Yome over the last five years. I like adjusting my environment. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to live in a Yome. I can change the way my Home interacts with the larger world in a matter of minutes. I am thinking of this last […]

Platform Insulation

Hey, folks. This is Jeremy with a continuing conversation about Yome insulation options. You can find my comments on the roof and sidewall insulation systems elsewhere in Ponderings. Bottom line, insulating the roof is the most effective step in improving heating efficiency in a Yome. Depending on what a Yome is sitting on, how high […]

Structural Triangles

One of the repeated comments that comes up while designing various aspects of our Yomes is, “why only triangles.” It’s a basic concept in carpentry and engineering that we take seriously.  Have you ever seen a table or a chair with four legs that might have been a little wobbly?  Chances are the difference between […]

Roof Wrestling

Today is roof assembly day, and I, Jen, will be wrestling with some serious silicone-coated goodness. Last week I put together some panels, attaching two triangular pieces to form a bigger triangle, then putting the  flaps that enable connection to the structure and the sidewalls. And now I’m ready to put it all together into […]

My Roof Insulation

Hello, Yome Ponderers, This is Jeremy again, here to share some of my experiences with the types of insulation we have available for our Yomes. Today I will discuss life with and without our roof insulation. See, I have lived through five winters in the mountains of Western North Carolina in a Yome, and I […]